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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Have You Been Burning Those Calories The Right Way?

Hello friends! Have you noticed that more and more people are getting health conscious day by day? This shift from work comes first to health comes first has gradually started from the 21st of June 2015, when millions of people nationally and internationally practiced Yoga in unison on the eve of International Yoga Day. It was a proud moment when PM Narendra Modi came out in public to practice yoga with over 35,000 school children, bureaucrats and soldiers. Since then there has been an increased awareness about a number of health tips along with an increased awareness about the harm caused by common health conditions like Diabetes, Obesity and Heart diseases. The youth of today is now making fitness an essential part of their lifestyle. Thanks to the social media which has led to a new wave of a health conscious India.

But what if you could take fitness to a whole new level? What if you could spice up your workout sessions with Aerobics, Kick boxing and a few dance lessons? That’s right! It’s time to break the monotonous cardio and weight training exercises as AptitudeFit brings to you Salsa, Bhangra, Kick-boxing and Aerobics training in the north of Delhi. AptitudeFit has a dedicated team of young and enthusiastic professional trainers who are certified in their field of training. We design your workout plan according to your body type, strengths and stamina, keeping in mind of your busy work schedule.

From the past few years, Aerobics and Zumba have been garnering a lot of attention of the young generation, the older youth and women in particular. Nowadays people are finding new and fun ways of staying fit and sort out to unconventional ways of getting in shape. At AptitudeFit, one such form of fitness training is Aerobics. Aerobics is a combination of rhythmic exercising along with stretching and strength training routines. Aerobics allows you to exercise on the rhythm of peppy music that boosts your mood and energy to workout. A kick-ass aerobics routine includes 5 main components i.e. warm-up, muscular strength and conditioning, cardio vascular conditioning followed by stretching and cool down.

Another alternative to fitness nowadays is kick-boxing. Kick-boxing is considered as a hybrid form of martial arts. Those who love to work out with a variety of exercises are sure to love kick boxing! Kick-boxing not only helps to improve your stamina, strength and power but also improves your co-ordination, agility and balance. The various exercises cause high exhaustion that aid in building-up your muscles.

You must be hearing about different kinds of dance classes, but have you ever heard of Bhangra classes? AptitudeFit brings to you a popular Indian dance form i.e. Bhangra, which is extremely popular in the north of Delhi and states of Haryana and Punjab. Dance is a great stress-buster and gives you the liberty to burn those extra calories, just by striking some really good dance moves and grooving to popular Bollywood music. AptitudeFit also conducts Salsa classes for couples and individuals who’d love to shake a leg or two as the dance form is as exciting as it gets.

So come on in as we provide all these forms of dance and fitness trainings under one roof.Visit for more information.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

For the Best Yoga Classes in Delhi Visit Aaptitude Fit

The real Fitness mantra starts with you, your piece of mind and dedication towards a fit future is the mantra for today and always. In today’s high paced work environment one needs to have peaceful breaks. Not just for his/herself but for the better good of the people around him too.

Fitness is not just limited to exercise now but the horizons have been expanded and all thanks to aptitudefit which is the best Fitness Club in Delhi.

Aptitude fit launches Best Zumba Classes in Delhi, along with it the Aerobics Centre and Yoga Classes in Delhi which is one of the USP for senior citizens and physio-therapy centers has also paved way for healthy lifestyle for aged people and young both.

Aptitude fit stresses on health is wealth motto, which is the most important tag line for everyone who is not so health conscious.  Healthy lifestyle is the need of the hour and fitness is guaranteed at aptitude fit.

If u asks us what we got for our clients, we won’t tell you the facilities or infrastructure but to cut it into one word and that to us and you is ‘fitness’!

We are located in Pitampura, New Delhi. Do visit us.

Monday, 7 July 2014

A New Divine World of Fitness as a Fighter with Kick-Boxing

Aptitude fit is the new revolution and the best option to a healthy life, the new way to cheat the scratching heat and stress in your life. Learn to live free and to the edge of life, taking a break from the boring mechanical life. Tune in with the best and the latest technologies of high class machines and a never seen before world class amenities and environment just with APTITUDE FIT.

Salsa classes in Delhi to give your body a new flexibility and the curves just to add elegance to your beauty. The best salsa professionals make you lift your soul and heart to a free world adding freshness in your health burning calories with dance. Moving on from salsa to making a fighter of calories everyday is the workout in martial arts, become a fighter with maintaining a healthy living with just the martial arts classes at aptitude fit and also boost up your confidence and learn self -defense with the best Martial Art Training in Delhi. Moving on to the aerobics classes more of fun filled feeling comes to mind and just a few moments with the professionals in aerobics classes at aptitude fit channelize your twist and turns to maintain your body, no age bar to be young again. Now jump to your heart's extreme need of fresh air and stress free. A little more ahead are the Yoga Classes in Delhi at aptitude fit to make you travel through your inner self and enter the divine world within yourself and a so stress free experience of freedom from all bonds to life with that yoga would help you to maintain a distance from diabetes, heart attack and other problems. NATURE'S LAP CALLING!!!!
AH it’s still more to your fitness with the personal training as to give you a extra personal attention to make you work your own personal goals complete as your fitness and health is priority. Personal trainers are well trained to motivate you and skilled to help you out anyway possible. There comes the foodie one, no more taunts on extra weight with the weight loss centre, not the supplements but the results and a freedom from many diseases from being overweight to give you healthy and a full of passion life to conquer all your dreams. Not to forget the Best Zumba classes in Delhi, flush all and beat the calories  with your feet and win the world with the zumba classes in delhi.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Aptitude Presents Cult of Fitness !

Fitness is the new mantra of leading a happy life. Everyone wants it. But not everything is easy to come by. We have to work hard for it. Fitness is one such example. It’s a road less travelled by. We tend to get a little tired and lazy in our attitude. And that’s where we get caught into and eventually lose our way. This at aptitude is taken care of. We provide fitness with the dash of fun!

Aptitude is certainly the best Fitness Club in Delhi. Best fitness also because it brings to you well known international fitness center Bodypump.  Bodypump famous for its REP EFFECT, a breakthrough in resistance working training, Focusing on low weight loads and high repetition movements, you will burn fat and gain strength.

Aptitude is not a fitness center but it is much bigger than that. It is a club a fitness studio for one and everyone. There are mediation classes but no stress. There is gym but no laziness. There is zumba, salsa and what not! Fitness with dash of fun!

Kickboxing in Delhi  is an easy way to shed weight, burn up fat and get more powerful. Affect out dullness and boost fat all over with these muscle-sculpting kickboxing exercises goes. Martial Art Training in Delhi  refers to the battling systems of the Indian subcontinent in Southern Asia. This includes India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. . The motions of salsa have its roots in Cuban Son, Cha cha-cha, Mambo and other dancing types. Our instructors provide you training with the utmost care and that your fitness speaks for it. Yoga exercises is the physical, mental, and religious methods or professions which arose in ancient Indian with a view to obtain a state of long lasting the reassurance of order to experience one's true self. Aerobic is a form of exercising that combines rhythmic fitness and health with stretching and weight training routines with the goal of improving all elements of fitness and health flexibility, muscular durability, and cardio-vascular fitness. 

Here at aptitude your health status is our tagline. Get ready because aptitude will be taking you to towards the life you ever imagined. And it will make you go gaga over yourselves when you discover the new you!

Monday, 12 May 2014

Get the Experience of Best Yoga Classes in Delhi

Aptitude provides various types of fitness process with appropriate professionals. There are lots of fitness centres which give proper training to sustain you at the top level. Yoga Classes in Delhi in the Aptitude fitness centre is really amazing. Individuals perform out here with convenience. This is natural, mentally targeted on the powerful and stylish traditional conventional yogic self-discipline as qualified by the professional instructors. The certified instructors are packed with experience, live yogic concepts and bring to you time-tested yoga methods.

Aerobics Centre in Delhi is in the point of attraction. People love to take this for the fitness of body and health. Generally means living in air and represents the use of clean air to successfully fulfil power specifications during performs out via cardio perform out exercise metabolic process. So Aptitude is concerned as the Best Gym in Delhi. The Weight Loss Centre in Delhi strategy they believe places well with the wishes of exciting men in particular onto weight-loss as well as offering the whole part of eating effectively way of life for those back into the group and away from the options. The growth would be executing the action with expert personals and you. The particular health club, Aptitude is one of the best destinations to make you fit mentally and physically.

A gym which mainly or particularly contains a lot (dumbbells and barbells), contrary to products, is sometimes generally known as a black-iron gym, after the traditional shade of bodyweight recipes. Aptitude health and fitness centre is the best gym in Delhi.  Are you ready to party yourself into shape? Ignore the perform out, just decrease yourself in the music and find yourself in form with health insurance protection policy fitness dancing at the Abilities Health and fitness and fitness Centre. Best Zumba classes in Delhi exclusive tempos set to high-energy Latina and worldwide surpasses.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Best Options to Make Yourself Fit and Fine

Aptitude Fitness Studio provides various types of fitness process with proper experts. There is lots of group to give proper training to maintain you at the top level. Yoga Classes in Delhi at this centre. People work out here with ease and comfort. This is organic, psychologically focused on the strong and elegant conventional traditional yogic self-discipline as trained by the expert teachers. The qualified teachers are loaded with encounter, live yogic ideas and bring to you time-tested yoga methods.

 Aerobics Centre in Delhi basically means living in air, and symbolizes the use of fresh air to effectively meet power requirements during work out via aerobic workout metabolic rate. This understands as the best aerobic exercise center in Delhi. The Weight Loss Centre in Delhi technique we believe sets well with the desires of interesting men in particular onto weight-loss as well as providing the whole part of eating properly and effective way of life for people back into the team and away from the options. The development would be performing the activity with a medication football between you. The particular fitness centre is one of the equipped Body Weight training Centre in Delhi.

A gym which mainly or specifically includes plenty (dumbbells and barbells), in contrast to products, is sometimes referred to as a black-iron gym, after the traditional color of bodyweight dishes. Skills Wellness and fitness Studio room is the Best Gym in Delhi.  Are you prepared to party yourself into shape? Neglect the exercise, just reduce yourself in the music and find yourself in form with health insurance coverage fitness dance at the Skills Wellness and fitness Centre. Best Zumba classes in Delhi unique tempos set to high-energy Latina and globally exceeds.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

A New Destination for Your Physical Fitness and Sound Mentality

Aptitude Fitness Studio is well equipped with dynamic, experienced health benefit coverage fitness expert with encounter. This is in Pitampura, New Delhi. This is developing and tracking Fitness Club in Delhi coverage fitness programs to provide customer's needs and requirements. Excellent inspiration is able to clearly and briefly explain complex workouts. This is one of the best workout and fitness club in Delhi.  This is the combinations genuine Kickboxing in Delhi with extreme fat burning workouts, incredible bodyweight lifting, and many other things.

This training studio Personal Training Centre in Delhi offer a helpful environment to help you accomplish your goals, taking a organic way to well being. With the proper trainer you can able to make yourself fit from any kind of physical issues and dilemmas. Through it one must get the total mental ease and comfort. Martial Art Training in Delhi is also available here. Such as martial arts, taekwondo, self defence, Taichi, Kung fu, Swimming, Muay Chinese, Krav maga coaching. This will be the most convincing and profitable for all people in various ages. Salsa is a dance program where we form artists from the begining. The expert group of teachers at this fitness Studio room views in quality and having an eye for details.

 Salsa Classes in Delhi is determined at their activities. Client satisfaction is their main priority. It’s from their special capability to make their clients satisfy with their efficient ability. Salsa is a dance program where we shape artists from the begining. The expert number of teachers at Skills Fitness Studio room views in quality and having an eye for information. The team plans to create and enhance the impressive mind by getting out to the expert professional dancer inside every individual.